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Asphalt Paving Level 1 BOTH Written w/ Proficiency Exams

Open Book Written Exam. Closed Book Proficiency Exam

Allowed up to 2 Hours to complete the Written Exam.
Allowed up to 2 Chances to Pass Each Section in the Proficiency Exam.


Fee may be higher if proficiency exam not administered during a respective class.


Written Exam Required.

Allowed up to 2 Hours to Complete the Written Exam.

Open Book Written Exam.

Proficiency Exam Required.
  • The Trainee will take a proficiency examination and is expected to correctly demonstrate skills in measurement of surface tolerance, cross slope and nuclear density. The Trainee has two chances to pass each test. Two failures in one area will constitute failure of the proficiency examination.


Initial Qualification Requirements:
  • Pass Paving Level 1 Written Exam

  • Pass Paving Level 1 Proficiency Exam

Re-Qualification Requirement:
  • Same as Initial Qualification

Asphalt Paving Level 1 is automatically re-qualified with a successful, unexpired re-qualification of Asphalt Paving Level 2.

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