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Asphalt Plant Level 1 BOTH Written w/ Proficiency Exams

Open Book Written Exam. Closed Book Proficiency Exam

Allowed up to 2 Hours to complete the Written Exam.
Allowed up to 2 Chances to Pass Each Section of the Proficiency Exam.


Fee may be higher if proficiency exam is not administered during a respective class.


Written Exam Required.

Allowed up to 2 Hours to complete the Written Exam.

Open Book Written Exam.

Proficiency Exam Required.
  • The Student will be expected to demonstrate skills in FM 1-T209, FM 1-T166, FM 5-545, AASHTO TP-4 and FM 5-563. The Student has two chances to pass each test. Two failures in one area constitute failure of the Proficiency Exam.


Initial Qualification Requirements:
  • Pass Asphalt Plant Level 1 Written Exam

  • Pass Asphalt Plant Level 1 Proficiency Exam.

Re-Qualification Requirement:
  • Same as Initial Qualification.

Asphalt Plant Level 1 Qualification is NOT automatically re-qualified with a successful, unexpired re-qualification of Asphalt Plant Level 2 Qualification.

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