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  • Initial Qualification Requirements:
    • Pass Earthwork Level 1 Written exam
    • Pass Earthwork Level 1 Proficiency exam
    • Valid Nuclear Radiation Safety Certificate
  • Re-Qualification Requirements:
    • Pass Earthwork Level 1 Written exam
    • Valid Nuclear Radiation Safety Certificate
  • Manual Revision, 1/12/2016:
    • Allowing your qualification to expire will require passing the Earthwork Level 1 written and proficiency exams

ctqp qualifications:

course objective:

To safely and effectively sample soil materials from the roadway, take earthwork density readings and record those findings in an FDOT Density Log Book.

course subject matter:

  • Moisture Density Relationship (FM 5-521 and 5-525)
  • Density of Solid and Bituminous Concrete Mixtures in Place by the Nuclear Method (FM 1-T 238)
  • Determination of Moisture Content by Means of a Calcium Carbide Gas Pressure Moisture Tester (FM 5-507)
  • Reporting Test Results in the FDOT Density Log Book, Sampling Soils, Limerock, Cemented Coquina, Bank Run Shell, and Stabilizing Materials from the Roadway (FM 5-504)
  • Nuclear Gauge Maintenance
  • ​Sampling Soils and Limerock

Closed Book Exam.  Allowed up to 2 Hours to Complete the Written Exam.  

Proficiency Exam Details:  The Trainee must demonstrate proficiency in nuclear testing (FM 1-T 238) and moisture content (FM 5-507) and report the test results in an FDOT Density Log Book.  The Trainee has two opportunities to successfully demonstrate all items on their checklist.  Two failures in one area will constitute failure of the proficiency examination.

exam requirements:

Written Exam Required and Proficiency Exam Required.

Course duration:

Two Days, including course and exams.

Full Course & Exam(s)
Written Exam OnlyProficiency Exam Only

Fee may be higher if not 

completed with a scheduled class.


earthwork construction inspection level 1