Full Course & Exam(s)
Written Exam OnlyProficiency Exam Only

Written Exam Required and Proficiency Exam NOT Required.

​Open Spec & Index Exam.  Allowed up to 2 Hours to Complete the Written Exam.


Two Days, including course and exam.

course objective:

course subject matter:

  • Initial Qualification Requirements:

    • Pass Earthwork Level 1 Written exam

    • Pass Earthwork Level 2 Written exam

    • Have 30-days work experience

  • Re-Qualification Requirement:

    • Pass Earthwork Level 2 Written exam

  • Manual Revision, 1/12/2016:

    • Allowing your qualification to expire will require meeting all Earthwork Level 2 initial qualification requirements

To provide Trainees with the instruction and skills required for applying the various Standards and Specifications associated with earthwork testing and the proper recording and tracking of those test results in the FDOT Density Log Book.

exam requirements:

Tel: (386) 788-9899

5545 Benchmark Lane

  Sanford, Florida 32773

Course duration:


  • Density Theory

  • Density Log Books

  • Overview of FDOT Standard Specifications and Design Standards

A&SW Consultants, Inc.

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