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Open Book Exam.  Allowed up to 2 Hours to Complete the Written Exam.  

One year of work zone traffic control or responsible for work zone traffic control plan development is required as a pre-requisite for Advanced MOT Certification.

course objective:

The Advanced certification is required for personnel with responsibility or authority to decide on the specific Maintenance of Traffic requirements to be implemented, including the Engineering responsible for the work zone traffic control plan development; or the work zone traffic control Supervisor.  This Course is NOT required for submitting Traffic Control Plans for utility work, unless such persons have to sign and seal the Traffic Control Plans in accordance with the UAM.

course subject matter:

  • Perform work zone traffic control planning, design, implementation, inspection and/or supervising the selection, placement, or maintenance of traffic control schemes or devices in work zones.

  • Provide proper and effective documentation in the event of a dispute

  • Provide basic training to flaggers

exam requirements:

Written Exam Required and Proficiency Exam is NOT Required.

Course duration:

20 Hours, including course and exam.

Full Course & Exam(s)


maintenance of traffic - advanced