Safety Wear

MOT Intermediate Level Class

Class Duration:

16 Hours

Exam Details:

Open Book Written Exam

2 Hours Allowed

Class Price:



Class Objective:

(class price includes manuals and exams)

The Intermediate Class will teach its students the necessary knowledge to provide a safe environment in the areas where workers and transportation modes compete for common or adjacent space.​​

Subject Matter:

The Intermediate Course is required for all persons with duties including any of the following activities:

  • Responsible for supervising the placement and field maintenance of traffic control devices, excluding temporary barriers.

  • Responsible for inspection of the placement or operational function of MOT devices, excluding temporary barriers.

After completing the Intermediate Course, the student will be able to:

  • Select the appropriate Design-Standard Index Drawing(s) for your Maintenance of Traffic Plan.

  • Correctly place, maintain and remove temporary traffic control devices.

  • Perform field maintenance of work zone traffic control devices.

  • Inspect placement or operational functions of work zone traffic control devices.

  • Instruct individuals in flagging.