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r. craig appel

​​​​​​Mr. White has over 25 years of experience in the construction materials testing, inspection and management disciplines in Florida.  He is knowledgeable in QA/QC methods for soils, concrete and asphalt used in the construction of roadways and miscellaneous structures.  He is experienced in asphalt paving and plant inspection and has extensive experience working with the Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority (OOCEA), Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) and the Turnpike Authority providing a wide array of inspections, including precast plant inspection.  In addition, Mr. White has extensive experience in Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) practices for design, setup and maintenance in accordance with FDOT Design Standards (Standard Index 600 Series).  Mr. White is an FDOT approved Instructor for: Asphalt Paving, Asphalt Plant, Concrete Lab Technician, Earthwork, QC Manager and Maintenance of Traffic courses.

jimmy ellzey

           our instructors 

Mr. Bienvenu is a professional engineer with a PhD, a Master Degree, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering.  He has also earned his Juris Doctorate in the State of North Carolina.  He is a licensed engineer in the State of Florida, as well as North Carolina and Louisiana.  Michael is a member of the Advisory Committee Department of Civil Engineering at Florida Atlantic University, as well as a Professor at Florida International University for the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.  Mr. Bienvenu has over 22 years of experience in transportation engineering beyond the bachelor’s degree with emphasis on research on Transportation Operations, including construction, maintenance, traffic operations and materials.  He also boasts over 20 years of public and private sector managerial experience.  Michael is a member of the FDOT Dispute Review Board, as well as an FDOT approved instructor for: Asphalt Paving, Asphalt Plant, Earthwork and FDOT Concrete Field Specification.

Roger S. Gobin, Ph.D., P.E

Mr. Appel has more than 34 years of experience in the construction engineering and inspection (CEI) industry.  As a Contract Support Specialist, he is responsible for monthly payments to Contractor’s, ensuring compliance with documentation requirements, and quantity verification. Responsibilities also include preparing supplemental agreements and final estimates. Craig also performed duties of a Worksite Traffic Supervisor in New Orleans, Louisiana, who was responsible for seven inspectors as well as collecting and collating data from field study of damaged roads attributed to Hurricane Katrina in Orleans Parish.  Mr. Appel is knowledgeable in all phases of roadway and bridge construction, as well as FDOT standards and specifications, since he has served in both the CSS role and the Senior Inspector role.  Mr. Appel is an FDOT approved Instructor for: all Maintenance of Traffic courses, FDOT Concrete Field Specification and CTQP Earthwork classes.


Mr. Ellzey has over 25 years of experience in the construction related industry.  With his focus on safety, he quickly became well educated on the wide variety of safety aspects of the construction industry.  Jimmy has instructed Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) courses for various Approved Providers since April 2010.  He began his teaching career by becoming a co-instructor for the Intermediate Level Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) course under the direct supervision of the FDOT District Safety Program Administrator.  From there, James went on to begin instructing the Advanced Level of MOT classes, which also included the Refresher portions of both classes.  To expand on Mr. Ellzey’s instruction experience, he has taught numerous additional safety geared courses, such as Loss Prevention, Coaching the Experienced Driver, and a Commercial Mower Safety Class.  James also instructs Forklift Safety Classes.  Jimmy currently performs as the Senior Safety and Health Specialist for the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District 2. Mr. Ellzey is an FDOT approved Instructor for: all Maintenance of Traffic courses.

Andrew White

Dr. Gobin is a registered in the States of Florida and California, he has over 31 years of design and construction management experience.  He has worked on design and construction projects across the USA and internationally. Dr. Gobin has spent the past 16 years as a full time on the General Engineering Consultant to Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise where he oversees the geotechnical work for design, construction, and maintenance.  He has been the GEC lead engineer for many projects including the widening of the Turnpike in Orange County from MP 254 to 272, Veteran’s Expressway in Tampa, Western Beltway (SR 429) and Suncoast II.  Dr. Gobin is an FDOT approved Instructor for: Pile Driving and Drilled Shaft courses.