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ctqp qualifications:

  • Initial Qualification Requirements:

    • Pass Paving Level 1 Written Exam

    • Pass Paving Level 1 Proficiency Exam

  • Re-Qualification Requirement:

    • Same as Initial Qualification


  • Manual Revision, 1/21/2010:

    • Asphalt Paving level 1 (even if it is expired) is automatically re-qualified with a successful re-qualification of Asphalt Paving Level 2.

course objective:

To assure test results used for quality control, verification, dispute resolution and acceptance of asphalt pavements are performed in accordance with the standard test methods.

course subject matter:

  • Practice for Random Sampling of Construction Materials (ASTM D3665)

  • Rolling Straight Edge

  • Core Sampling and Temperature Measurement

  • ​Density of Soils and Bituminous Concrete Mixtures in Place by the Nuclear Method (FM 1-T-238)

Open Book Exam.  Allowed up to 2 Hours to Complete the Written Exam.

Proficiency Exam Details:  

  • The Trainee will take a proficiency examination and is expected to correctly demonstrate skills in measurement of surface tolerance, cross slope and nuclear density.  The Trainee has two chances to pass each test.  Two failures in one area will constitute failure of the proficiency examination.

exam requirements:

Written Exam Required and Proficiency Exam Required.

Course duration:

One Day, including course and exams.

Full Course & Exam(s)
Written Exam OnlyProficiency Exam Only

Fee may be higher if not 

completed with a scheduled class.


asphalt paving level 1