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Full Course & Exam(s)
Written Exam OnlyProficiency Exam Only

ctqp qualifications:

  • Initial Qualification Requirements:

    • Pass QC Manager Written exam

    • Hold at least one of the following qualifications:

      • Asphalt  Plant Level 2

      • Asphalt Paving Level 2

      • Concrete Field Tech Level 2 (Full ACI-CTCI Cert)

      • Concrete Lab Tech Level 2

      • Earthwork Level 2

  • Re-Qualification Requirement:

    • Qualification in this area is indefinite, unless revoked in accordance with the CTQM 


Closed  Book Exam.  Allowed up to 2 Hours to Complete the Written Exam.

course objective:

To ensure the Contractor's Quality Control Managers, as well as key Department personnel, gain a working understanding of the key program elements.

course subject matter:

  • How to develop a QC Plan

  • How the Department handles QC Plans

  • What happens when a QC Plan is disapproved 

exam requirements:

Written Exam Required and Proficiency Exam is NOT Required.

Course duration:

Two Days, including course and exam.

quality control manager