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Drilled Shaft Inspection BOTH Written w/ Proficiency Exams

Open Book Written Exam. Closed Book Proficiency Exam

Allowed up to 2.5 Hours to complete the Written Exam.
Two Chances for Each Section of the Proficiency Exam.


Fee may be higher if not administered during a respective class.


Written Exam Required.

Allowed up to 2.5 Hours to complete the Written Exam.

Open Book Written Exam.

Proficiency Exam Required.

Initial Qualification Requirements:
  • Pass Drilled Shaft Written exam

  • Pass Drilled Shaft Proficiency exam

  • Obtain on-site experience in which at least he/she has directly observed, inspected, and recorded the full installation of at least ten (10) shafts under the supervision of a CTQP qualified Drilled Shaft Inspector (DSI).

  • At least five (5) of the drilled shafts inspected shall be on shafts constructed using the wet method. The CTQP qualified DSI shall include a note in the first page of the Drilled Shaft Excavation log as evidence for the required experience, indicating the name of the trainee and stating the trainee has inspected the full installation of the shaft.

  • Trainees must confirm work experience when taking the CTQP Drilled Shaft Inspector Exam or report work experience through the CTQP website (IA Re-qualification Program).

Re-Qualification Requirement:
  • Pass Drilled Shaft Written Exam

  • Written exam only, before expiration date

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