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QC Manager Written Exam

Closed Book Written Exam

Allowed up to 2 Hours to complete the Exam.



Written Exam Required.

Allowed up to 2 Hours to complete the Written Exam.

Closed Book Written Exam.

Proficiency Exam NOT Required.


​Initial Qualification Requirements:
  • Pass QC Manager Written Exam

  • Hold at least one of the following Qualifications

1. Asphalt Plant Level 2

1. Asphalt Paving Level 2

1. Concrete Field Technician Level 2 (Full ACI-CTCI Certification)

1. Concrete Lab Technician Level 2

1. Earthwork Construction Inspection Level 2

Re-Qualification Requirements:
  • Qualification in this area is indefinite, unless revoked in accordance with the CTQM.

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