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Auger Cast Pile Inspection

Qualification Details

Written Exam Required.

Full Class Price:

Proficiency Exam NOT Required.

Allowed up to 2 hours to complete the written exam.


Open Book Written Exam.

Class Duration:

Two Days

Class Objective:

To provide students the basic knowledge, understanding and skills to perform as an Auger Cast Pile Inspector on FDOT construction projects for Bridges and Miscellaneous structure foundations.

Subject Matter:

-Typical Equipment and Components used in Installation
-Various Methods of Installation and Installation Process
-Typical Plan Sheets, Installation Plans, Specifications, etc.
-Review Roles and Responsibilities of Inspectors for recording, reporting and documenting.
-Load Testing in Compression and Tension, as well as, Thermal Integrity Testing

Initial Qualification Requirements:

-Pass Auger Cast Pile Inspection Written exam
-Obtain on-site experience in which they have directly observed, inspected, and recorded the full installation of at least thirty (30) piles for bridges utilizing the FDOT forms.


Re-Qualification Requirements:

Pass Auger Cast Pile Inspection Written exam

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