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MOT Classes w/Exam

A&SW has taught Florida Department of Transportation roadway and bridge construction inspection certification classes since 2009. 


Work zone traffic control is an important function necessary in providing a safe environment in those areas where workers and transportation modes may compete for common or adjacent space.  Every reasonable effort should be made to reduce the risk of injury to both the worker and the transportation system user in these areas of potential conflicting interests. In order to achieve this goal, proper training of all personnel involved in the planning, design, supervising, implementations and maintenance of work zone traffic control is necessary.

MOT Advanced Level Class

The Advanced Certification is required for personnel with responsibility or authority to decide on the specific Maintenance of Traffic requirements to be implemented, including the Engineer responsible for the work zone traffic control plan development or the work zone traffic control Supervisor. This class is NOT required for submitting Traffic Control Plans for utility work, unless such persons have to sign and seal the Traffic Control Plans in accordance with the UAM.

MOT Advanced Refresher Level Class

This Advanced Refresher Class will review changes to Index 600 and MUTCD, which affect traffic control operations, as well as reiterate work zone practices.

MOT Intermediate Level Class

The Intermediate Class will teach its students the necessary knowledge to provide a safe environment in the areas where workers and transportation modes compete for common or adjacent space.​​

MOT Intermediate Refresher Level Class

The Intermediate Refresher class provides its Trainees with reiteration of methods in creating safe work zones on public roads and highways.

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